Saturday, July 24, 2010

alice in balletland

when i said i'd wear my new buys soon, i didn't really mean the next day. but when i woke up, it was actually sunny and over 70 degrees, so my mood was pretty good =)

i wasn't quite ready to wear it with such a low back, though, so i experimented with cardigans and shrugs and under-shirts. this was my favourite. instantly.

i thought it looked whimsical and dressed the grey jersey up a lot, so i was very excited... it reminds me of something that could easily fit into a costume from alice in wonderland, so i added a blue belt, and my watch necklace to keep it fun... the dress itself reminds me of a ballet dancer, so i thought i'd wear my shoes that look like jazz shoes... that makes sense, right?

only thing left was to frolic in an english garden ~ lucky for me, that's exactly where i am


Friday, July 23, 2010

i fly, i sleep, i shop

well, i made it back to 60degree england! (it does feel very cold...)
i had considered doing one of those 'a picture an hour' posts, but then realised that 8 of those pictures would be on a plane, and a couple in a very dull airport, and then however many more of me asleep on the couch in front of daytime television. you're welcome.

instead, here is what i did the first day i was able to move:

i should correct myself; here is what i bought on sale in new look the first day i was able to move.

 a cute little grey skater dress, and a fantastic blue cropped shirt, with buttons down the back (which will inevitably become soemtimes buttons down the front)

i shall be wearing these soon ~


Saturday, July 17, 2010


finally an outfit post =)   (thank my boyfriend for taking the photos and dealing with some random guy from a photo company who either wanted us to have our headshots taken at his office or for us to be models... i still don't know)

though looking at it i kinda feel i've been reading too much of elizabeth from delightfully tacky's blog! loose shirt + cute skirt + comfyness seems to sum her up quite nicely =) the only thing i'm lacking is her beautiful mane of hair, haha, since i have quite the opposite
(but seriously her blog is awesome)

top: h and m
skirt: h and m
necklace: friend's cast off
socks: h and m
hairclip: gift from my mum, from accessorize
bag: goodwill

but the real excitement is that the snail and the pigeon group has started with its first theme of "by the sea"
(check the new widget ~ too cute)

i've really put lots of effort into making a cute little package to send away, even though i'm flying away later in the week back to england for who know how long (here is where i sigh a lot and make sad puppy-dog faces, though i might try and convince my brother to let me stay with him in london for a little bit... ) of course i'll meet up and have fun times with my friends but i just feel so different there and so much more at home here. i packed so lightly it's unbelievable (especially for me) since i can only envision coming right back haha.
so, with getting this little package set up, i will try to mail it asap, or have someone take care of it ;))) and would love to be back before i even receive one myself (though that's probably pushing it a little too much)
i wish i could post pictures but that would ruin the surprise ;)
and i almost wish i could just keep it! oops!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sunny adventures

over the weekend we went on adventures. first to the beach, and then to disney world, where i had never visited before and had no idea it was so HUGE!
of course, i still don't have any outfit updates, so the new chictopia widget i just put in seems kind of pointless..haha
but there are still some fun photos to be looked at.... starting with a collage of the beach =)

it was completely beautiful, but far too hot to stay out for more than an hour (if we even stayed that long; beach time is different from actual time) so i was not able to get a tan. not that that is surprising, since i only burn.
then we ventured to a safe haven of boardwalk/ hotel bar and lounged:

i was also successful in making the beach look as if it were a part of csi miami:

but nothing dramatic happened, so we went home

the next day, bright and early, (aka, 10am) we left for disney world. having only been to various disney lands, i was not prepared for the vast expanse of the multiple parks, especially with an ankle recovering from a sprain.
my favourite "ride" by far was the safari ride because we just got to see a bunch of cool looking african animals:

a sleepy underwater hippo

a strangely short-looking giraffe

the largest horns on an animal... in the background

a baby elephant!

a (white?) rhino

i forget what this guy was called, but he just kept on sniffing these ostrich eggs... which we're not sure were real or not

and the angry-looking ostrich on the other side of the road

then in the middle of the park there were these awesome gibbons on a giant climbing frame with a tiny little baby hanging on to her mummy and learning how to swing around
i learnt two facts about these guys:
-1. they are apes, not monkeys
-2. the girls are this orangey colour and the guys are black. always.

then we park hopped and ate lunch in miniature england (not for nostalgia or homsickness or anything like that, they just had something i could eat)
mary poppins actually came out of that house a few moments later, but she looked busy and there were no chalk drawings on the ground to jump into...

another park hop and we got to hollywood set type places
san fransisco.. as a painting. it really didn't look convincing in the flesh, but i think my photograph makes it more believable that you could keep walking and make it up that hill (or maybe we just needed mary poppins again)

and finally we watched the parade, again in collage form because crowd shots are really rather dull:


Friday, July 9, 2010

my 1st 4th of july

ever since the 4th of july weekend (my first ever in the states!) i've been superly busy (and yes, ok, my photoshop trial ran out... aaaand i got lazyy but that's not my fault because it's HOT in florider [sic]...)
but here's a catch up! aka, a giant post of photos from the weekend =)

started the weekend out at the bar to celebrate seeing my boyfriend again after....2 months? something unnecessary.

not all my friends are guys... these are just the best photos...

pretty sunset:

and then came the traditional celebrations:

(accidental sparkler dropping = awesome photo)

and finally some pool time:

this is the only glimpse of an outfit photo i took the whole time... even though i had two (maybe even three?) fantastically appropriately american looking ensembles

i may or may not have made special 4th of july watermarks.....;)