Wednesday, July 14, 2010

sunny adventures

over the weekend we went on adventures. first to the beach, and then to disney world, where i had never visited before and had no idea it was so HUGE!
of course, i still don't have any outfit updates, so the new chictopia widget i just put in seems kind of pointless..haha
but there are still some fun photos to be looked at.... starting with a collage of the beach =)

it was completely beautiful, but far too hot to stay out for more than an hour (if we even stayed that long; beach time is different from actual time) so i was not able to get a tan. not that that is surprising, since i only burn.
then we ventured to a safe haven of boardwalk/ hotel bar and lounged:

i was also successful in making the beach look as if it were a part of csi miami:

but nothing dramatic happened, so we went home

the next day, bright and early, (aka, 10am) we left for disney world. having only been to various disney lands, i was not prepared for the vast expanse of the multiple parks, especially with an ankle recovering from a sprain.
my favourite "ride" by far was the safari ride because we just got to see a bunch of cool looking african animals:

a sleepy underwater hippo

a strangely short-looking giraffe

the largest horns on an animal... in the background

a baby elephant!

a (white?) rhino

i forget what this guy was called, but he just kept on sniffing these ostrich eggs... which we're not sure were real or not

and the angry-looking ostrich on the other side of the road

then in the middle of the park there were these awesome gibbons on a giant climbing frame with a tiny little baby hanging on to her mummy and learning how to swing around
i learnt two facts about these guys:
-1. they are apes, not monkeys
-2. the girls are this orangey colour and the guys are black. always.

then we park hopped and ate lunch in miniature england (not for nostalgia or homsickness or anything like that, they just had something i could eat)
mary poppins actually came out of that house a few moments later, but she looked busy and there were no chalk drawings on the ground to jump into...

another park hop and we got to hollywood set type places
san fransisco.. as a painting. it really didn't look convincing in the flesh, but i think my photograph makes it more believable that you could keep walking and make it up that hill (or maybe we just needed mary poppins again)

and finally we watched the parade, again in collage form because crowd shots are really rather dull:


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