Saturday, July 17, 2010


finally an outfit post =)   (thank my boyfriend for taking the photos and dealing with some random guy from a photo company who either wanted us to have our headshots taken at his office or for us to be models... i still don't know)

though looking at it i kinda feel i've been reading too much of elizabeth from delightfully tacky's blog! loose shirt + cute skirt + comfyness seems to sum her up quite nicely =) the only thing i'm lacking is her beautiful mane of hair, haha, since i have quite the opposite
(but seriously her blog is awesome)

top: h and m
skirt: h and m
necklace: friend's cast off
socks: h and m
hairclip: gift from my mum, from accessorize
bag: goodwill

but the real excitement is that the snail and the pigeon group has started with its first theme of "by the sea"
(check the new widget ~ too cute)

i've really put lots of effort into making a cute little package to send away, even though i'm flying away later in the week back to england for who know how long (here is where i sigh a lot and make sad puppy-dog faces, though i might try and convince my brother to let me stay with him in london for a little bit... ) of course i'll meet up and have fun times with my friends but i just feel so different there and so much more at home here. i packed so lightly it's unbelievable (especially for me) since i can only envision coming right back haha.
so, with getting this little package set up, i will try to mail it asap, or have someone take care of it ;))) and would love to be back before i even receive one myself (though that's probably pushing it a little too much)
i wish i could post pictures but that would ruin the surprise ;)
and i almost wish i could just keep it! oops!



  1. gotta say: the palm trees are pretty cool.

  2. Lovely dress, great photos:)))

  3. Love this combination! Great top, gorgeous skirt, awesome shoes :)

  4. Hello there present pal!!!!...thank you so very much for the lovely gift...I adore it! So fun and colorful. I will treasure it always.

    Consider me your newest follower...xo Cat