Saturday, September 25, 2010

things and stuff

some pictures off of zach's phone ~

the drums playing in downtown orlando

frozen yogurt that we bicycle to way too often ... this time we got the sugar overload of pink lemonade sorbet with skittles, cotton candy jelly beans, gummy bears, and rainbow sprinkles.

basically this means that i have still not gotten my camera fixed...

in other news we went to the history museum today for smithsonian day (i.e. it was free) after having rejected the balloon artist at the ihop (???) literally have no idea why such a person would exist in the first place, let alone be employed at ihop. harassing customers to get her to make their "lovely girlfriend" a flower. nooooo thankyou!

we also made an adventure to a used book store (after i searched relentlessly at work for books about bees... don't ask) where i found a book called "storytown" by susan daitch which seems to be a collection of short stories and i have yet to work out whether they are connected to one another. but it is a super exciting book because i've not read anything like it before. recommending before i've finished, or even made it half way, is just my style.

and now i'm going to eat the newly found wonders of garlic rolls... like garlic bread but delicious delicious rolls.


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