Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the start of camera's adventures (take 2)

well, i finally sent my camera off for repair.
which led to a strange occurrence. and by strange i mean "oh isn't it a small world, my dear?" said in an old lady voice strange, not really strange.
after packing and stuffing my camera and a surplus amount of bubblewrap into a cosy little box, we found the ups store (which in itself was strange, because we thought it had been abducted.. turns out it was just further down the road than we had remembered. true and unfunny-to-anyone-else story).
the ups man then unpacked my camera, repacked with vigour and a lot of packing tape, asked me lots of questions, and then we both discovered we were from the motherland. (he still has an accent though so my job was not very difficult)
and that's not the strangest part. actually it's not really strange at all because it seems every english person thinks the best thing they can do in their lives is move to florida* plus there's all those theme parks around. but no, we have also lived in the same county. and the same town. and it was all weird and stuff using english place names and someone actually understand me for once, instead of the usual "oh that's nice, you're talking gibberish, why did i ask you where you were from again?" look that comes across most people's face once faced with my hometown's name.

i fear this has turned into a ramble, when all i wanted to do was express my surprise.

in which case.... every blog needs a photo or six... here's what i've dug up from past times of my hopefully now travelling camera:

*may or may not be entirely true


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