Sunday, January 2, 2011

and it's 2011

so this is the only picture i got from new year's eve, and was about all i did for the event haha, but i think it's fun (zach says crazy)

silver and glitter polishes from urban outfitters
so instead, here are some quick sketches i did from january's us vogue to welcome in the new year (which coincidentally i am not too excited for)



  1. These sketches are fabulous, it's so difficult to capture movement in illustration but you've managed it perfectly! You talented little squirrel jazzy ♥

  2. cute nails and i love these sketches, correct me if i'm wrong but did you do them in biro? x

  3. haha, thanks, claire, i really appreciate that!

    and yeah, they're biro, i guess i forgot to add that. the only biro that's ever treated me well ;)

  4. pp.s would you consider drawing a little something for my blog?