Thursday, June 17, 2010

hazy lace of summer

the other day, i found a fantastic 60's mod style dress on ebay. it was also made of lace. it was basically heaven in dress-form. a couple days ago it arrived in the mail (one of the quickest ebay-ing ever!) and tried it on as soon as i could make my way through the the packaging, in as many ways as i could think of. yesterday i wore it for real. it was a good day.

then, being in a lacey mood, i decided to make cakes. perhaps not an immediate association, but i made it work because i wanted to bake cakes and i wanted to have a lace day. hence:

i made my own icing... decorator.. tool... by cutting a tiny hole in a plastic sandwich bag and carefully squeezing it through onto the cake as desired. i felt while i was doing it i should have had some sort of design(s) planned in my head but i think they worked out pretty well without. also i like that it looks silver... i don't know how that happened! 

i also started a diy art project, but it was interrupted by a night out to the bar, which ended in one member of the group deciding to buy everyone a patron shot (i think after the bar had actually closed? at least after last call had been called) so it is not fit for showing, and will have to be a lace day part 2. or something. 


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  1. oh man i want those cupcakes.

    and some patron. ian bought patron!?