Wednesday, June 9, 2010


these last two days have been good days, full of doing things, which is always better than days full of doing nothing. first i went thrift shopping with a friend, and even though i didn't find anything (nothing! shocker!) , it was fun to look around. especially in one place i had never been before, and so had to take sneaky photos of everything in my amazement. 

their hat selection was truly envious, but unfortunately they mostly looked good only on display. like these straw hats. they look so pretty but put one of those babies on my head, and all the charm disappears. it was really quite distressing.

i also have wanted some scarves lately.... to make things from. but of course i can't find any that match, and i'm still coming to terms with mismatching in one garment...

my friend did find this beauty though. a little mint coloured bottle opener that feels (if not is) very sixties. 

then yesterday me and another friend went on a roadtrip to find glorious clothes in h&m. which we succeeded in doing. probably too well. 


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