Thursday, June 24, 2010

shoes on the brain

so i was in the middle of making this post when i received a call from some people wanting to look at the place i'm living (we're selling it) in FIVE minutes. 5. f├╝nf. cinq. cinco. etc. And I looked around my room and said "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how about thirty?" they showed up twenty minutes later as i was running out the door all panicky and weird. and i locked the door, so when they went to go in, having just seen me, they got all confused about having to unlock it themselves. boof. 

anyway. i haven't been much into taking outfit photos recently. i keep getting bitten by multitudes of bugs and it is not pleasant, even if i do like the photos more...

so insteeeeeead i found some cool art pieces through flickr that i thought i'd put up here because they are pretty to look at. and that is important. 

firstses, all of the following are from andrea joseph's sketchblog

she does a lot of drawings in ballpoint, which i always think is amazing, and a lot of shoes, which are awesome, drawn or not:

aren't they incredible?

i also really enjoy her drawings of pinboards, and collections of letters and things all jumbled together:

and now that i see how long this is, i shall save the other art for later =))))


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