Monday, November 1, 2010

halloween! (and celebration of a working camera)

hooray! my camera made it back safe and sound and functional... and just in time for halloween festivities!
i didn't want to cart it around though, especially after having waited so long, so we just took some quick snaps before we left:

 we were mod-stronauts! as in, people from the 60s dressed in astronaut helmets..(which i made myself)
i also made my dress and the collar that you can't see (but will be in a post soon because i have made a whole load of them)

and i forgot to take a photo of the back last night, so here's a quick shot of our mod target to finish the look!

 we had a blast, there were so many people out, and most of them had actually made an effort with their costumes, which i guess is what you get for going out in a city rather than a tiny little town/ my own house haha


1 comment:

  1. Very cool, well done on making them yourself!
    Your lashes & liner are STUNNING xo