Saturday, November 6, 2010

collars galore!

i've been trying to take photos of these guys for ages, but it seems i keep choosing the wrong time of day/place/weather... so these will have to do!

over the summer i visited the liberty store in london, specifically the fabric floor, and fell in love. my mum then bought me some remnants at a craft fair she went to, and her friend sent me some after i came back here! so i was surrounded in the beauty of liberty fabric.... there was just not enough to make anything from. or so i thought.

then it hit me: removable collars!

(the grey actually isn't liberty.... neither is the crocheted one..)

i wore this one with a simple outfit most recently:

the bird fabric is probably my favourite... but fits with least things because it was my first successful one and i was still testing things out. (i did wear it reversed with my halloween costume though)

unless i come up with another moment of genius, i'm probably going to make as many collars as possible until the fabric runs out... watch this space!



  1. adorable. we LOVE liberty prints! was it difficult to make those?

  2. surprisingly not! and i was actually considering doing a diy on here soon... =)

  3. I NEED to learn to sew, these are just so beautiful! Genius.