Monday, November 8, 2010

i just really hate birds

i hadn't planned on making this an outfit post, but since we got out before the sun started disappearing, we got some really cool shots (thanks to zach!), and so i think they deserve their own post
(and yes, i made another collar. i did warn you though.)

there are a whole lot of lakes here.. unfortunately that means there's also a whole lot of birds. big birds. with scrawny looking snake necks. that make death noises. and do things like this:

which meant most of the time i was doing this:

i just really hate birds!


oh and i uploaded my first thing to!
you can score it here: (go on, you know you want to)


  1. You look so cute !!! Love this dress :)

    kiss :)

  2. Gorgeous shots!
    Loving every part of this combination :)
    That collar looks amazing, just voted for you xo

  3. Aaww I love the birds :D Even the skanky pigeons with no feet.